Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Evil Dead Cabin Model

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This project was a gift for a friend at DRS Productions. It was for the lobby of the Evil Dead Musical they were producing in vancouver, BC.

Here is the cabin as seen in the movie Evil Dead

I added boards on the windows for added effect with the lighting
Building is shallow to fit on shelf
Leaves are real leaves from Micheal's craft store crumpled up and sprinkled over glue.
It all begins with foam core and twigs

The porch is forced perspective to give false depth when viewed from the front

Stonework is made with Crayola Model Magic air dry compound.

Boards are drawn into foam core and will be painted later.

Roof  tile is cereal box (best thing to keep around for modeling)

I made the shingles smaller as it went up higher to add to the forced perspective effect

Cereal box trim and boards

Twig posts added in

More twigs added as trees. I know there would be light and these twigs will light up nicely.

Paint treatment begins.  Age and weathering.
Notice the chimney is black before stone finishing treatment

Dry brushing always gives an aged and dramatic effect

Tissue paper and glue is placed all over ground to cover surface

Stone paint treatment

Leaves added when glue is still will vanish later

Leaves really add the Evil Dead feel!!

Me standing with the model for scale! Notice the moon in the tree...
Thanks again you guys, hope you liked it!


DanOfTheDead said...

Wow... really enjoying your work! I look forward to combing through your older posts!

SewTara said...

That's pretty awesome!! Your stuff is so detailed, oh and fantastic :)

Life Between Frames said...

Nice work, that is very cool.

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Me ha encantado!

Hunteriadv said...

Me ha encantado!

Claire DeVore said...

Phenomenal. I can't believe I found this! (Deep google image drilling) I am about to begin my own and was image searching when I found yours. Any advice for one seen from all sides?