Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Hey everyone. Here is a cool rustic "Hobbit" style birdhouse I made over the summer from stuff I found around my yard. This project used a pre made birdhouse as a base found at any craft store, but it would have been very easy to make a base as well.
 Here is how the birdhouse looked before i covered it.
 I used moss off the edges of my shed that had grown over years for a roof and trim around windows and door..
 The siding is bark off of a dead tree that had fallen in the yard earlier in the spring.
I used plastic leaves and flowers from the dollar store to create the awning on the door and attached with hot glue. The bark is also attached with hot glue. The chimney is sheet metal made into a cone and nailed into place.
 The windows and door trim are made from wet willow tree nailed into place with very fine finishing nails.
 The heart shaped door window is custom shaped, but the door is just the bare wood of the birdhouse.
 Close up of the siding reveals the nails.
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