Thursday, April 14, 2011

Theme Park Fun Map - Illustration

West Coast First Nations Land- Theme Park Fun Map.
Hey everyone, just wanted to share my final University illustration project with you. It is a theme park fun map of a BC First Nations themed land. I wanted to do something fun and colorful.The size is 11" by 13". I used Gauche paint because it is graphic and easy to manipulate. The paint is VERY opaque and dries very fast. I like the work of illustarators like SHAG and Mary Blair and decided to try my hand at their vibrant style. For those who dont know, a theme park fun map is a pamphlet given to guests at a theme park to point out the key activities and attractions. Please enjoy the pics and comments!

Long House entrance gate
Large Totem and lookout in welcome plaza

Tipi village on the plains

Coastal long house village with museum displays and Dinner Show in Big Lodge

Pit Houses of the Okanagan

Shed houses and Canoe Adventure Rides

Inside this mountain is a First Nations legends dark ride

Tall ship encounter, first contact vignette

Traditional style bridge

Nursing Rock

Whale encounter on canoe ride

Sketch of Fun Map
Transfer image to illustration board with graphite paper and add color
More layers

Final Illustration

 Thats all for now:) Thanks again for taking the time.