Saturday, June 25, 2011

Into the Woods - Set Design Callingwood School

Hello again! Here is a Set Design I did for Callingwood Private School in West Vancouver, British Columbia. Its a simple design  for a very small school stage. It was cool because I had Jeff Cox and Jay Pynn to help build the sets and the students to help us!! Check it out and please enjoy the pictures and commentary:)

Here is a pic of the entire set. The foliage hanging from above is army netting.

Here is a view of one of the 2d trees made from plywood and brown craft paper.

There are also twigs and branches from the gardner's trimmings

Here is a view of Rapunzel's Tower. It folded out from behind the wall, also, 2D with Foam and cheesecloth bricks.

She is actually standing on a stepladder, lol.

The floor is covered in canvas and painted green.
During rehearsals, the floor is not done getting painted yet...

Lighting looks so good through the trees and army netting.

The levels really add depth:)
Here is the model for the set.

Model of the ramp as well.

Here is Jeff and I stapling paper onto the wooden tree frame which was projected into wood with overhead projector.

Here you can see the back of the trees...

The porthole in the back was for quick exits and the witche's transformation trick.

Here is Jeff and a student carving foam to create the tower...

So many students who wanted to be involved, it was great.

You can see the ramp in the back, not covered in canvas or branches yet.

Its a messy Job.....

Here I am painting the trees after the paper is stapled on, it helps hold it all together and flatten it

Final set..looks cool. Thanks again for checking out my blog!!


Wulf said...

That's a really great set design. You've managed to turn the tiny hole-in-the-gym-wall stage into something that looks like you could actually stage "Into the Woods" on!

Jenny Lens said...

What a treat to see your photos, read yr text while I'm listening to ... Into The Woods! I listen to it many times during the week, as I have for yrs.

My fave. I saw a bare-bones production at UCLA. It was delightful. I'm a huge Sondheim fan since a college pal took me to Company's first LA tour, circa 1970. I also saw the first LA tour of Follies and A Little Night Music.

YOU are an amazing artist. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly E said...

How do your trees stand up?

Anonymous said...

Thanks my school is doing into the woods and this would be great instead of the trees the my school has