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ALLEYCATS the Musical - Set Design

In 2005 I was asked to design a BIG set for a new musical premiering in Vancouver. It was called Alleycats the Musical and was opening at the Vogue Theatre. The Book and lyrics were by B.K. Anderson and K.E. Zemliya. Music by Stephen Smith. Directed by Michael Fera. Co-produced by Megakins and Hoarse Raven Productions.
This was a HUGE set requirement in a very old vaudeville stage. It had to be 3 stories high with rooms and billboards, and everything. This was probably my favorite set to design. I loved the whimsical nature of the set and the similarities to the sesame street set, or anything else muppet!! I even designed these puppet cats that would live around the set!! Anyway, there are mostly set model pictures, because for whatever reason, I dont have too many of the final set...Oh well, the model is exactly the same:) Anyway, enjoy the pics and commentary!!

Here is a color study I presented to the director. This is a front elevation

Here is some details of the set model. There is a dumpster that a man lives in.

This artwork was done by a local artist. It was scrim fabric and when lit from behind, an office was revealed

This is Chakras Bar, It slides open on wheels to reveal the inside, the window is also scrim fabric.

Actors came out of doors on all levels. All the brick is vacuform, floor is painted.

This is a cool junk sculpture garden in the middle of the courtyard.

The vines are all over the walls for a lived in look.

Different view of the model. All the little white dots are LED lights that really work on the model.

This is the only picture I have of the entire ACTUAL set, it doesn't even show either side, but you can see the similarities to the model. The billboard at the top flies in and out on a rail.

Actors on the set.
Actors with the sculpture in the background

Cowboys in Chakra,s Bar

Chakra's Bar Open. Most of the set dressing came from my house.

This dumpster has a secret entrance in the wall for a vagrant who pops in and out. Much Like Oscar.

Close up on the Junk Sculpture Garden fountain

Betykins cafe is made of old doors, much like Big Birds House. The Logo is my design as well.

This spiral staircase was found at Jacks were the railings.

This is part of the wrecking ball scene where we actually had a cast member riding a wrecking ball.

Chakras Bar Closed

Signage I designed.

Many Scenes happened on these breezeways

Floor Painted Cobblestone like the model.

Whats in door 420?

The set was built at the UBC Great Northern Way Scene Shop.

Here is the set in construction at the shop. You can really notice how shallow it is.

Theres the room on the second level that is behind the scrim artwork.

These railings are from Jacks Scrapyard in Burnaby, BC

Builders that Jeff back there?

Signage I designed for Alleycats

One Final Look at the set!!!

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