Monday, June 27, 2011

Anything Goes - Set Design

Hey everyone! This is a set I designed for the Metro Theatre in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Its for the musical "Anything Goes". The show was set on a 1920s cruise ship, with many different settings. The theatre had no room on either side of the stage and a limited fly gallery (the rigging system that brings the sets up and down) The two door units on the sides were on wheels and had other scenes on all sides. These units could never leave the stage, so it was a bit of a challenge to make it work. Below are pictures of the set model first, then a couple set shots ONSTAGE, and then a video clip of one of the musical numbers from the show. (Plus I play one of the singing sailors as well...see if you can spot me) Hope you enjoy the pics an commentary:)

Here is the set in the night lighting. The back wall sky and waterline had mini lights in it to become stars. the moon swung in from the side. The handrails slid from offstage.
the main setting on the opposite side of the door units was the two "Lower Cabins" with bunk beds.

They also became the door and bathroom for the stateroom. The wooden wall flew in from the fly gallery.

This is the Ships Nightclub Setting. The curtain and arch fly in from the gallery.

This is the "ships deck" set. This is where the majority of the big scenes take place.

Stairs light up!!
This is a picture of the actual set taken during a warm up before a show. Very candid.
Really cool view of the moon with its star lighting on during a night scenes.

This is the second level exit. the doors lead thru the backwall and down another set of stairs to the backstage area
Close up of the stairs with the lights detail. The floor boards were painted effect.

 Here is a clip from the musical set on the main deck, its the song Buddy Beware featuring Cathy Wilmont and her singing sailors (including me):

Thats all for today, hope you liked the pics and video!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Loose Change" Short Film Model Build

Hey everyone, here is a model of a street scene I designed and built for the short film proposal "Loose Change" (Rubber Blanket Productions). It was to plan shots and get funding. My Partner Jeff helped me build it, it was a fun time and good memories. I hope you enjoy the pics and commentary.

Here is Jeff making trees from scratch

We used small branches and glued model train greenery on it.

We used Styrofoam to hold the trees in place to dry

I bought a HO scale train building as the store we needed to have on the street corner. Everything was based on that scale.

The streets are made from foam and painted black first.

Testing the trees...

Starting to look like a street

sidewalk looks pretty realistic from this angle

More trees waiting to be planted

With more details the street becomes realized. Everything is custom. The light poles are pencils, you can see the eraser.

You can really notice the pencils here.

Cool view from here.

Now there is mailboxes, garbage cans and people.

There is also a planter/Bench

The script called for a Hot Dog cart.

I printed an old mural and glued it to the building.

Thanks so much for checkin out my work!! A Big thanks to Jeff for all his help on this one. See you soon!!

Winnie the Pooh MURAL

Hey everyone, my sister just had a baby and wanted to do a classic Pooh theme. I was excited to create some artwork for the baby room including this mural of the Hundred acre woods!!! I hope you enjoy these pics and commentary.



These three pictures are about 2 1/2' X 3 1/2'
I still want to put inspirational words on them too.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - Musical - Set Design

Hey everyone!!, Here is a set I designed for the musical, "A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum" which was at the Waterfront Theatre in Vancouver, BC. It was produced by Triptych Theatricals. The set was done in 2D and built at the UBC scene shop. I was the lead painter and designer on this set. The costumes and lighting were really good on this show and really made the set POP!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics and the commentary.

Everything is made from plywood, 2D with 3D paint effect. Doors swung both ways, just like Threes Company

Second levels were used by cast and accessed by ladder

Floor and walls are 2D. Stone work was hand drawn and painted by me...really cool effect...

The set comes alive with actors.

Costumes and props were perfectly matched!!!

Love when the back wall is lit.

Night time settings

I love this shot....

This bench is also 2D...

Second level looks great full of people.

Here is my partner Jeff and myself in front of the set....I just love this picture of us

Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you enjoyed the pictures:)