Monday, March 21, 2011

Nightmare Before Christmas Custom Sculptures

The entire collection so far 
Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a project I worked on (and continue to work on) for years now. Its a replica of the Nightmare Before Christmas stop motion figures and environment. Tim Burton is one of my creative inspirations and I also really love stop motion. I decided I wated to own some of the movie course..I just made it myself, lol. The figures are made from a craft store wooden base, wires structure underneath, then Crayola Model Magic air dry sculpting compound on top. Enjoy!!
Gate to Jack Skellington's house. The gate is made from Thick illustration board.

Sallys close up. Her lashes are wire.

Hand painted designs

I created the yellow moon, just for the photo shoot.

Close up of Jack and bowtie

Mayors Close up

The gates and walls all have fence toppers. Its wire covered in model magic as well.

Custom Pumpkins made for deocr

Jack Skellington. He is 15.5 inches tall!!!

All the lines were drawn on with white paint pen by hand...sooo difficult

Coat tails

Jack's tombstone as seen in the movie

The swirl was important to the Tim Burton World

Zero and his Dog tomb. He is on wire so he can be positioned facing any way.

Sally. She is 14 iches tall.

Halloween Town Square fountain. 14 inches tall.

Mayor Sculpt. 15 inches tall.

The two faced mayor's other side. Head does not turn, but its there!!!

Close up of alternate face.

Happy Mayor!!

Itty Bitty Feet

Mayor against the moon to show the hat's outline.

One of the backdrop walls with pumpkins decorated in it.

Close up of Post

Close up of Stone many hours.

Jack with Pumpkins for Halloween!!

Cool View!!

Lighting can make the difference

Just to show the scale of the pieces I included my hand in this one.

This one too!