Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Shop of Horrors - Set Design

Hey everyone, here are a few pics from a Set Design I did for the musical, "Little Shop of Horrors" for the Callingwood Private school in West Vancouver, BC.  It was a big show that we did not have anyone help us with. The build was done by me, my partner Jeff and our friend Jay. This was one of those examples of how much hard work has to be done when you are just starting out. We built it all in the school garage and with VERY LITTLE funds. We bought mistinted paint, and asked any friends to help who could. It is also one of the best memories I have of building a set because I spent a lot of time with my friends and the result was amazing!!! Please enjoy the pics and commentary:)

These structures are supported by rented scaffolding. We attached building walls to the sides.

The bricks are stamped on with paint and look quite realistic in the right lighting.

Props and set decoration were very important for the "skid row" atmosphere

This unit rotated on wheels and allowed for set changes and transitions.

All these treatments are painted on effects. The clock wall opens to allow the Giant Plant to appear.

Doors and windows were built from scratch by Jeff Cox

The window is bug screen, which allowed me to paint words on it but have no glare.

All this furniture is made from scratch!! The props are from my living room!!

As usual it all starts with a model. This one was just pen and ink with watercolor paint.
Top View of Model

The views helped the director understand my vision, and allowed for changes.

The front stage area (Thrust) was custom built as well.

The street Lamp was never rented...budget didn't allow.

Push Pin Pivot!!!

The perches on each side was a great place for the back up girls to sing...

Thank you again for the visit!! I hope you come by again!!!


TonyKenealy said...

Great set. Really good detail and great use of the movable truck, makes it easier to go from the interior shop to the outside scenes without the use of a backcloth to cover it (I am assuming no backcloth. :) )

Where did you put the Dentist' scenery? We managed to get a really old, and very heavy Dentists chair when I worked on this show about 15 years ago.

Great work, you and your friends should be proud.



Moxley Manor Haunted House said...

Great job!

Gerry Satrapa said...

Fantastic Set, Lance! My favourite musical - and an amazing set... (pinned)

Catherine G-E said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to put this online. It's been a great help to me doing mine!