Friday, October 27, 2017

Custom Disney's "Moana" Necklace

I was asked by a friend to create a custom Moana necklace for a child's Halloween costume. Of course I said YES!! I love Disney and Moana is one of my favorites! It was a simple last minute build, took about 3 hours. Check out the pictures and the process as well! And thanks for checking out my blog!
Here is the completed necklace.Its created from Styrofoam, leather, twine and beads.
Here is the necklace as seen in the movie
I always start with inspiration images and supplies layed out.
I glued a bunch of foam core pieces together to created a chunk I could carve
Then I carved the shape of the stone
Completed carved stone
Now I begin to create the shapes and layers by pressing into the foam.
The completed Carved stone
Next I uses acrylic paints to create the colors of the necklace
I glues plastic and wood beads onto the leather strips.
Then I attached a loop to the top of the stone and attached to the leather strip with beads
Then I began to use the twine to knot up the necklace
Here ids the completed knotting
Here is a close up of the stone with its varnish coating
The completed necklace! I love how it turned out! Be sure to follow my blog for more exciting updates!!!