Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jim Henson's LABYRINTH Sculptures

Hey everyone! I just came back from Easter break visiting my mom in Desmairis, Alberta and I was reminded that she had all of my "Labyrinth" sculptures in a display cabinet. Jim Henson's Labyrinth is one of my all time FAVORITE movies (along with Dark Crystal and Nightmare Before Christmas) and I though I would share them with you all. These were the FIRST sculpts I ever did! I think it was 1997 or 1998. Although I know I could do a better job now, I love reflecting on previous work and appreciating the moment for where I was creatively at the time. I still think they have the magic and charm intended by Jim Henson and the Henson Studios. Incidentally, I have an amazing storybook which I based all of the sculpts on, I'm including the pictures for reference. Thanks again guys, and please enjoy the pics and commentary:) Lance


I purchased this little fairy trinket, it was the perfect scale

Close up on the Snoopy Weeds!! 

I wish I could re do the shirt so it was more detailed, but I still love it
There was an interesting face detail on the back of the vest
Utility belt of collectibles...I think I should have one too...
Hat detail

These charms are removable...

Vest Detail

Face Detail

Funky Forest Mushroom characters


LUDO 13"

Such a CUTE and adorable Character..loved sculpting it

Tried to capture the stance of the actual puppet

Itty Bitty Tail

Face is very detailed



Illustration by Bruce McNally

This was fun to do! Sir Didymus can be removed from the dog!

CHAAAARGE!!! (this is a movie quote)

Back side:)

I tried to copy the original designs...

Face close up

Trusty Dog!!


Illustration by Bruce McNally

These guys were blast in the film!!! I still need to add two more floating heads to the hands

I am loving the arched back and spine details

Rear View 

Face looks great up close...notice the finger print on the nose...cant deny I did it!

Hand detail

The WHOLE GANG!!! Illustration by Bruce McNally

Thanks again everyone! I hope you enjoyed these characters, and if you havent seen this movie...go out and rent it right now!!!