Sunday, March 27, 2011

Winnie the Pooh - Set Design

This was mostly 2d cut outs . The chairs are bought and altered

In 2003 I was asked to design the set for Down Stage Right's Production of Winnie the Pooh at the Presentation House Theatre. It was a fun children's show, and it needed to be put away and set up every night. I deiced to take inspiration from the original Winnie the Pooh illustrator Ernest H Shepard and create stong line work and washed colors. I think it turned out great!!! Please enjoy the pictures and comments.

The bases were on glides, the leaves are canvas drops hung on the rails.

Log was 3d, with top to sit on.

Set model in lobby. This one had a description of the process, etc, plus my business cards...;)

Color Schemes

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HONK! The Musical - Set/Prop Design

HONK! Set Design - Capilano University, 2008
I have designed the musical HONK! two times and had it tour in many other theatres after its opening. I Love the idea of this larger than life show that takes place in a duckyard. I wanted to approach it with a cartoon sensibility, especially inspired by the work of Chuck Jones and the Looney Tunes. I originally designed it for Ophidian Entertainment in 2003, which appeared at the Waterfront Theatre and at the Arts Club Theatre. I also designed it for Capilano University's production as well in 2008. This was one of the first Set designs I ever did, and I really think it is still one of my favorites. Please enjoy the pictures and commentary.
Duckyard with Egg Nest.The green arches were designed to resemble the "Thats all Folks" Looney Tunes ending.

Cats Lair. It was inside an old barn. The props for this scene were awesome!! This was a fly with added crates, etc.

Duckyard at night.

The Tall Grasses

The Frog's Scene, "Warts and All!" He performed on a giant tuna can. So Fun!

Farm House Interior. This was such a fun scene to design. The door flew in and the string was ropes.

Ophidian's version of Honk at the waterfront theatre

This was the set model on display in the lobby for Ophidian Entertainment's HONK! It had mini lights and a backwall that faded into different colors. People always loved seeing the models and it got me a lot of jobs.I just placed a business card holder on the top and usually they were gone...a great tip for other designers. Never pass up the opportunity to get your name out there. Being a freelance designer is a 24 hour job.
Set Model with lights on.
Honk! set model
Honk! onstage at the Waterfront Theatre
 The stage is full of color and magic!! Really puts the audience into the world of HONK!

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Same Time Next Year - Set Design

In 2004 I was asked to design the set for Footlight Theatre's production of "Same Time Next Year." I was also the lead painter. I decided to go for a Television studio style set, because of the "Three's Company" type comedy in the script. I decided to create a 1920's Hollywood Spanish look for the design elements. I think it worked out great and the show was a successful production!! Please enjoy the pictures and comments!
Most of the decor is from my personal prop supply. The headboard, stools and vanity was custom made.

Chairs are custom made. The colors are warm and rich. The trees are 2 dimensional.

Seeing the outside deck is important, adds interest.

Fireplace/bookcase/shelving unit is made from scratch

Concept sheets

Concept sheet

Set Model

Actual Set
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Christmas Carol - Set Design / Lead Painter

The set was inspired by Tim Burton Films

In 2005 I was hired by Carousel Children's Theatre to provide a Set design for their professional production of “A Christmas carol”. This opportunity put me in a bigger spotlight, and also caught the attention of the Vancouver Jessie Award Committee. In 2006 I was nominated for one of these coveted awards, the highest level of recognition the Vancouver theatre scene has to offer. I was thrilled to be nominated, but nothing could have prepared me for the night of the ceremonies when my name was called and I actually won the award. It was a goal I had set for myself when I began designing sets...and I actually achieved it with hard work, passion and commitment to my dreams! I Hope you enjoy these pictures and commentary.

All the furniture was custom designed, including this wire framed writing desk

Drawing of the Stage Left door

Drawing of the Stage Right door

This scrim panel allows a ghost to appear. The knocker is painted on.

Ghost effect in door

The back walls of the set were also scrim to reveal the detailed backdrop and street talkers

Custom Table. The puppets were not my design but they are quite beautiful.

This grave stone rose up from the floorboards and was lit an eeerie green

Lighting always adds the last bit of the magic

Prop Drawing

Backdrop/groundrow plans

Main set front elevation drawing.

Set Model or Maquette

Actual set in the Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island Vancouver , BC, Canada.