Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lampshade Sculpture

Hey everyone!! This is a super cool light sculpture I made in my first year at the University of Emily Carr.
It was a found object assignment. It has lights in each of the domes and hangs from the ceiling. These are old restaurant fixtures I found in a big pile at "Jacks" Salvage yard in Burnaby BC. I wired it myself and also built the structure. The fixtures were yellow when i found them, but I had to scrape off a lot of grease and muck from the 70s to find it. Overall its cool, seen here at the University's Foundation year show, 2010. Please enjoy the pics and commentary!

Here is the sculpture in a darkened room.

Thanks again for checking out my work:) Please come back again.

"13 YEARS" -Sculpture

"13 Years" by Lance Cardinal

This piece is called "13 Years". It was my final sculpture project for my first year at Emily Carr University 2010. It is made from a reclaimed chair, wood, wire and acrylic.

It takes a very close, and somewhat uncomfortable look at the Canadian residential school experience from the eyes of the aboriginal community. I believe that a lot of these issues have become conveniently "historical", allowing people to ignore the effects that still exisit today. I created this piece to stimulate dialogue, good and bad, and to bring awareness to this important part of our Canadian history.

"13 Years" by Lance Cardinal

This seat cover was custom covered in velvet red. The hat is poster board.

The "stained glass"glass inserts are acryilic strips with painted leading and coloring.

These are custom made from old belts. The treatment on the wood is prairie white washed.

Moccasins are from the Bigstone Cree Nation in northern Alberta (Desmarais, My home town).
Here is the chair in the University of Emily Carr's Aboriginal art show, "Red", 2010

 Below are pictures of the process and models. Please enjoy!
Here is the chair I found at a thrift store

Here I am removing all the old rattan weaved panels.
I added wood inserts to make the chair tall and menacing. It also gave it a throne look.

Here I am creating the arm and leg straps for the chair. I had to custom make some of the hardware.

 I punched my own holes and had to hand stitch some of the edges.

I painted the inside of the straps with velvet red.

Here is the model unpainted. Notice the window unit which did not get created.

Model painted with props. This really helps understand the builld better.

The piece looks better with the right light. Its obvious in the model the window is not needed. This saved me time not making it.
Model with props. I did not add the bones in the final sculpture or the wall unit
Here is a write up on me in my first year at the University of Emily Carr. It was in the Aboriginal Access magazine that the University published to bring new aboriginal students into the school. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011


"Totems" by Lance Cardinal

Here is the final project I did for my Emily Carr University Sculpture Advanced class. It is called "Totems". Its made form resin and wood and has lights on the inside. It stands 40" x 27" x 12". This piece talks about obsession, desire, and religious worship of aboriginal artifacts and tourist souvenirs. I was born and raised a Catholic and I often deal with these types of intellectual issues through my work. It is meant to promte discussion and consideration and it is also part of my journey to discover who I am as a First Nations artist. Please enjoy the pics and comments.
The totems are cast from a dollar store artifact made in Korea

"Totems" by Lance Cardinal. Charles H Scott Gallery.
Part of the process. Here you can see the original totem and the testing of resin color.

I was trying to achieve a deep candy apple red..this was too light.

These are the final totems ready to be displayed.

The wood base was made from MDF and maple wood which i built from scratch.The surface for the totems is cut acrylic that i sandblasted for frosted effect.

"Totems" by Lance Cardinal

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Theme Park Fun Map - Illustration

West Coast First Nations Land- Theme Park Fun Map.
Hey everyone, just wanted to share my final University illustration project with you. It is a theme park fun map of a BC First Nations themed land. I wanted to do something fun and colorful.The size is 11" by 13". I used Gauche paint because it is graphic and easy to manipulate. The paint is VERY opaque and dries very fast. I like the work of illustarators like SHAG and Mary Blair and decided to try my hand at their vibrant style. For those who dont know, a theme park fun map is a pamphlet given to guests at a theme park to point out the key activities and attractions. Please enjoy the pics and comments!

Long House entrance gate
Large Totem and lookout in welcome plaza

Tipi village on the plains

Coastal long house village with museum displays and Dinner Show in Big Lodge

Pit Houses of the Okanagan

Shed houses and Canoe Adventure Rides

Inside this mountain is a First Nations legends dark ride

Tall ship encounter, first contact vignette

Traditional style bridge

Nursing Rock

Whale encounter on canoe ride

Sketch of Fun Map
Transfer image to illustration board with graphite paper and add color
More layers

Final Illustration

 Thats all for now:) Thanks again for taking the time.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Making of a Muppet Theatre/ Backstage Playset

Hey everyone! Due to overwhelming request I have decided to post a bit of the "Behind the Scenes" process of making my Muppet Theatre and Backstage Playsets. First off, thank you so much for all the comments and feedback, im so glad that the Muppets are still holding a magical place in the heart of so many people. I have included a sneak peek at my next Muppet Theatre "Add-On" project at the end of the post! Thanks again and please enjoy the pics and comments.

It all starts with an idea and a design. Here I am planning the size of each panel.
After I designed the panels I planned out how much trim I would need.

Colors are important as well

Here I am testing materials for the Baroque paneling

Various trims and moldings purchased from a dollhouse store. Model is 1" scale and most dollhouse items are as well

Close up of trim planning. The design  is a copy of the Muppet Show Theatre

I looked to actual British style theatre doors since the series was designed in the UK. This one was perfect!
Back wall was created before assembly. I painted the brick mortar on first.

Here I am laying down the stickers before I add the concrete

Ready to be covered in concrete

After I spread on the concrete I pulled off the sticker and the mortar was revealed! So easy and effective.

Close up of brick work

Door before it was painted. I created the seams in the illustration board with pen

Time for a fitting

Trim around door made from foam core

Primed Back first

Painted Green, very Muppet!

With the leftover concrete I made a Muppet half wall

I used a dremel (every crafter should have one) to simulate the stone look in the illustration board

Close up of stone treatment with spatter paint finish (Just like the Muppet original) done with paint and toothbrush

Looks so cool!!

Creating stencils for the door. I printed the words out in the right size, glued it onto paper and cut with craft knife.

This was difficult, but in the end it looks good

After It is painted on

Brick get painted and aged, as well as the door.

The floor board are maple wood flooring purchased at a miniature store, cut to fit ,stained, then aged.

The panels are painted first on to the MDF wood (1/8th inch)

Here is the beginning of the baroque paneling

the pattern is glued on

I then used 3D puffy paint and craft store beads to simulate the design

I think it wirked very well!

Testing out the patterns...its all coming together

Bottom trim design

Then all parts are primed with the Scarlet paint color

Ghost light was hand made from an old dollhouse lamp

I hand crafted the top part with craft wire

I then hand painted the trim with gold leaf paint

This is difficult detailed work requiring lots of patience

Many panels later

Getting closer

I assembled all the trim together and primed it to prepare for gold spray paint. This was a faster solution

I used half inch square posting for the structure

Floor goes in

back wall is added

bit by bit it comes together

Here is the corner trims painted

Front is put on

Almost done. Im sorry I skipped a few steps...but I got too involved in the building to pick up the camera, lol.

Still much to be done, but its looking very Muppet Theatre!

Here is a bit of the backstage Kit bashing Process.

Lots of trim pained green first

I knew this playset needed more height. I made sure it matched up with the theatre

Me painting the brick work

I matched the bricks to the existing ones in the playset.

Fitting the wall in. It is made out of foam core.

Top view

Here i am seeing if it fits

Close up on the lights I added from a dollhouse store.
A few props I purchased, and painted in the Muppet Color Scheme
I also thought Rowlf need a stand up Piano, so I made him one!

The posters from the theatre back wall, getting treatment. I printed these off the internet in the right scale.

Here is a sneak peek at my next project, the Box Seats of Statler and Waldorf! The top will be the box seats and the bottom will be the audience entrance and a place to showcase scooter and his popcorn machine! It will fit beside the Theatre perfectly!

Thanks again for checking out my blog, please become a follower and keepm up to date with my current projects!