Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hey everyone, just wanted to share with you a simple afternoon project I worked on for my new Place in New Westminster. Many Years ago (9 years) my partner and I found this cart in a back alley when we FIRST lived in New West, we wheeled it home for a mile downhill and have had it ever since. I think it was probably an industrial hospital cart or something, but we used it as a rolling bar. I was Rough and an almond color with rust here and there, but means a lot. I have always wanted to paint it so I decided to get it done for the new place. Enjoy the pics and commentary:)

Here is the Original cart as we found it. The color is OK, but I thought it needed to POP!!!

Here is the Cart with the New Colors. I went to a local Home Depot and bought Three tones of green metal spray paint.
I took it apart, cleaned the surface and preped it with light sandpaper. Then I sprayed 3 coats on each, HIGH GLOSS.
Here it is being used as a plant stand and looking super cool in my new pad!!

And here it is with Bar Items on it...So Cool as well. Thanks again for checking out my Blog!! See you again:)