Tuesday, May 1, 2018

EARLY EXPLORERS Themed Land Concept Illustration

This is a hand drawn 20" X 30"concept Illustration I created for a themed land in my "Great Canadian Theme Park" project. It is one of many themed lands in my Canadian History Based Theme Park concept. This cutting edge park will be completely immersive and integrate nature, theming and attractions like NEVER before. AND ITS CANADIAN! Enjoy!

This is the full view of the entire themed Land called "Explorers of the Great Fraser River!" It will include A River Expedition Adventure, Tall Ship Restaurant, Explorer Village with Shopping, Historical Interiors, Interactive characters, and carriage rides. There are Waterfront Docks and a Trains Station, as well as an authentic Fort with a Dark Ride Experience underneath!
Of course there will be plenty of granite rock work and greenery that is seen in this Western Canadian Interior Setting. The structures will be new and made from wood.
The River Expedition ride will be a exhilarating spin through the rapids of the Fraser river and Devils Canyon!
The Docks are filled with period ships and plenty of gangways to explore
The docks will also have access to water transport which can take you to other lands.
The Tallship Restarunt will have below deck and upper deck seating for a full service meal experience with Character servers and themed dining rooms. Including barracks, brig and captains quarters!
carriage rides will take you through the town and past a tent villages.
Fort Hudson will have buildings to explore as well as house the entrance to the Dark Ride below that will take you on a boat journey through the history of the Early Explorers of Canada.
The Great Canadian Raliroad train will bring you from other areas of the theme park and into the heart of the Explorer Village.
Early pen work over pencil sketch.
The Illustration when it was just pen
Ready for Illustrators Markers.
Adding some green
The completed Themed Land Illustration. Roughly 20" X 30".