Saturday, April 16, 2011


"Totems" by Lance Cardinal

Here is the final project I did for my Emily Carr University Sculpture Advanced class. It is called "Totems". Its made form resin and wood and has lights on the inside. It stands 40" x 27" x 12". This piece talks about obsession, desire, and religious worship of aboriginal artifacts and tourist souvenirs. I was born and raised a Catholic and I often deal with these types of intellectual issues through my work. It is meant to promte discussion and consideration and it is also part of my journey to discover who I am as a First Nations artist. Please enjoy the pics and comments.
The totems are cast from a dollar store artifact made in Korea

"Totems" by Lance Cardinal. Charles H Scott Gallery.
Part of the process. Here you can see the original totem and the testing of resin color.

I was trying to achieve a deep candy apple red..this was too light.

These are the final totems ready to be displayed.

The wood base was made from MDF and maple wood which i built from scratch.The surface for the totems is cut acrylic that i sandblasted for frosted effect.

"Totems" by Lance Cardinal

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Rosencrantz gildenstern said...

Do you by any chance know the meanings of the creatures represented in the totems? Like what they stand for and such? Rather curious as to the background of the totems. Very nice art piece