Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Retro Christmas Elves Sculpture Collection

I was so excited one Christmas to create this collection of Handcrafted Elves for my partner's family. The whole collection is based on the 1950s stop motion characters from Rudolph and Santa Clause is coming to town. Each one is based on someone in the family and the whole collection was opened Christmas morning. The Characters are made from Crayola Model Magic air dry compound and a wire skeleton. Please enjoy.

The entire Elf family

Elves are busy preparing Christmas stockings and Ornaments

Laurie and Roy Elf are the ornament painters! They have an excellent eye for detail!

Kate Elf is in charge of making the bird ornaments. The bird holder is custom made.

Karen, Lee and Marion Elf are in charge of the wrapping....what a team!

Vikki and Quentin Elf are in charge of stringing the popcorn!!

Vikki has a beautiful elf curl in her hair.

Emily Elf makes the candy canes.

She carefully twists it up...

Whitney Elf catches snowflakes and hangs them on the tree!

Tri-star Elf in in a bit of a tangle!!


Claire and Jack Elf paint the wooden toys!.

Jack has a mature Elf twist in his hair

Claire has a beautiful Elfen smile!
Laurie and Roy Elf are the ornament painters! They have an excellent eye for detail!

They have an excellent eye for detail!
This is how the process begins, wire, u shaped nails and masking tape body forms.

This is with the model magic on overtop the wire. It is pretty fragile, so always better to add structure where u can.
I make most of my sculptures with this stuff!!! Best to buy white.

Material is pre-primed, Toxic free, lightweight and fairly easy to mold. It feels like silly putty.

24 Hours then its ready to paint.

Painting the Elves!

Using anything to hold things in a mushroom salt shaker!

Me and The Family of Elves!!


Coffee and a Mop said...

that is amazing!!!


Thanks so much

nelsoncecchinato said...

Rudolph is perhaps the best holiday special ever made. I always thought the background elves never got the respect they deserved- that is until I saw your work. I have to say I would love these as a gift -I would want the entire set! Thanks for the photos, I was wondering if you have any others that show just how you started and developed them into what they become. I get the basic idea I would love to try and capture the magic like you have. If not, well thanks for posting what you have and continue to keep the magic alive. Happy Holidays!

Maria G said...

You are one amazing & extremely talented man!!!! Wish I had 1/2 of your talent!