Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pookie - Storybook Character Sculpture

This project was a gift for my mother in Law who used to read the Pookie story books when she was a kid in the 1950's. These books were filled with some amazing illustrations and I knew the sculpture would have to be just as precious.
The Illustrations are beautiful.

The Pookie books of the 1950s

So first I created a custom illustration based on the books from the Pookie series. I tried to capture the same style and magic, while representing it in a way that was going to be easy to sculpt. I think I achieved that. In the end she loved it, and I really enjoyed doing something completely personal. Please enjoy my pictures and comments.
My Design for the model
The Completed Sculpt

Back of Pookie. The wings are irredesent cellophane on wire.

Little window....mushroom houses

Eyelashes are fishing line painted black.
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Selkin said...

:D its the only sculpt i have found so far on Pookie..and preciously done too you can see. i am going to make Pookie in felt :) wish me luck