Friday, August 17, 2012


Hi everyone:) This design is just one "Land" for a large Theme Park based on the history of British Columbia, Canada. This section is called "EXHIBITION PARK". It lets guests experience the sights and sounds of a turn of the century trolley park. Exhibition Park has all the thrills and chills of the midway and the romance of the Victorian era. 

Let's break it down:

The waterfront boardwalk is a promenade along the shore and includes the English Bay Bathhouse Cafe, Interurban Trolley Stop, and Covered Dance Hall on the pier. You may also notice the forestry building Exhibit/Eatery.

This is the main square of Exhibition Park and includes some of the most iconic fair buildings from BC`s History. Each of these buildings are Flex Space and can be used for shows, exhibits, and even indoor attractions. 

 Under the Tracks on the other side of Exhibition Square is Happyland Midway. This is a collection of lost turn of the century rides updated for the modern guest.

 Rides include the Whip, swings and Ferris Wheel, as well as classics like Shoot the Chutes. 

There is also a Dark Ride based on the underworld of the Sideshow Performers.

Shoot the Chute is a Vancouver Classic!! 

 There is also a Wooden Roller Coaster based on the the Big Dipper.
Hope you enjoyed this post:)

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