Friday, August 17, 2012


Hi everyone:) This design is just one "Land"  for a large Theme Park based on the history of British Columbia, Canada. Its the "BC Aboriginal Land". It lets guests experience the various types of aboriginal cultures that exist throughout BC in an immersive way. Let's break it down:

This is the shed house village off of the main entry hub. It has two main attractions, Canoe Discovery Voyage and Performance Lodge.

The  Performance Lodge is a stadium type venue shaped like a west coast Salish woven hat and surrounded by shed houses. Inside will host various events like pow wows and big name aboriginal performers. This will change all the time and include a few permanent shows.

The Canoe Discovery Voyage takes guests on a guided canoe ride through the waters of the BC Aboriginal Land. This sights include tipis, wildlife, longhouse village, fishing canyons, traditional bridge, whales and a unique tall ship encounter.

This trdaitional bridge looks rustic but is strong as it gets, hanging high above the costal canyons with views of the entire longhouse village.

These Pit Houses were found in BC's interior. They were lodge style homes dug into the ground with an entrance/smoke hole out the top of a hilled rooftop.  Guests can visit and learn about these amazing structures.
 The Longhouse Village is the main attraction of the land. Its a full reproduction of a traditional longhouse village found on the coast of BC. Inside each house will be various nations on display, like mini museums, as well as food and shopping. The main lodge, or Feast house,  is an eating experience which feels like your under the stars inside a open roof lodge with northern lights and entertainment.

 The Spirit Caves are a Dark Ride attraction that takes guests into the spirit world to learn about the legends and stories that make BC Aboriginal cultures so diverse.

The Tipi Village gives the guests a chance to explore what it was like to live inside a tipi.

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