Friday, August 17, 2012

Custom Stained Glass Window

Hey everyone. This is a Custom Stained Glass Style window I did for Schroder Oilfeild Services in Northern Alberta. It is based on their compnay logo, and used to fill a strange hole in their head office wall. Please enjoy the pics and commentary:)

This is the Company Logo. The image is religious based so i thought a stained glass window would be perfect.

I started with a design which I drew on an orange sheet of bristle board (Orange was the only color...its a small town) I used the Product "Gallery Glass" which is a fake stained glass paint, but extremely easy to use and looks quite real. 
The first step is to use the lead paint which has a dispenser head and trace the design that is underneath. This is pretty difficult and I do recommend practice if its your first time.

Once the design is done let it dry 24hours.

The paint is puffy, so the next step is to squeeze the different colored paint into the different areas. It goes on quite creamy but dries translucent with a ripple effect.

Here is the plexi with the fully painted design on it and the orange paper removed.

I put it up against the window to test its translucency. See how nice the clear looks?

Here is the window installed at the space. It looks so nice with the trim and lit from behind.

Nice close-up of the finished product...looks pretty authentic for a fraction of the cost...pluss it peels off when you no longer want it. It also will stick again on another window.

Here is the office where the window was installed. Looks pretty good.


Sandi said...

Amazing work as always Lance! Beautiful...I am sure the brothers love it. Sorry I didn't get those pictures for you. Pretty busy time for me at that time. Two major papers and getting ready for our England/Ireland tour. Hope you were able to get some pictures from Rose or other family members. Take care.

Unknown said...

Nice artistic work.

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