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This full evening LIVE event was co-created by my Partner Jeff Cox and I in 2006 at the Caprice Nightclub in downtown Vancouver. I also Directed, Designed and arranged music for this production. Jeff Produced this one, with amazing choreography by Dawn Ewen. It was a 1970s showlounge tribute show, showcasing songs from the old Las Vegas strip.Artists celebrated included Sonny and Cher, Elvis, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, and Ike and Tina. Show Photos can be seen here: Lost Vegas Live! Costume Designs seen here: Lost Vegas Costume Designs


The show was Co-created by my partner Jeff Cox and I in 2007 and was so much fun to do. I Artistic Directed, Performed and arranged music for this production. It was like Tony and Tina's Wedding, but set in a disco nightclub of the 1970s. It had characters interacting with the crowds, songs sung live by amazing professional singers, solid gold dancers, and an entire evening of interactive entertainment. The script and "Live action" directing was provided by Joseph Davies (the singing Cop in this video).Pat Waldron was our producer and Choreography was provided by Dawn Ewen. Below is another clip from the Show..can you guess who we are..... I am the leather-man in this video...Jeff is the construction worker...enjoy!


I Produced/Directed/Designed and built this show as part of Bigstone Cree Nation's OPK School 10 year anniversary celebrations in 2008. The performance told the story of northern Alberta's first nations landscape from the beginning of time. The giant life-sized puppets were designed by me and created together with the students. Read more about it here: First Nations Puppetry Project

NBC REALITY SHOW, "Your Big Break!"

This was from the time I was on NBC's "Your Big Break!" Television Reality Show in 1999. I was one of only 2 Canadians picked. There was over 100,000 people who auditioned from USA and Canada!! They flew me to NBC studios in LA and I got to meet Jay Leno. This show was BEFORE American Idol, and it was my 5 minute moment as a reality show star! Such Fun! Sorry, the sound is a bit touchy....it's VHS after all!!


This is a medley of clips from a Halloween Variety Show co-created by my Partner Jeff Cox and I in 2004. I also Produced, Designed (set and costumes) Performed and Directed this one which was at the Presentation House in North Vancouver. This was part of a Halloween party and show we put on to celebrate our favorite time of year. Choreography is by Dana Kosalko. Thriller Puppetry and set construction by Jay Pynn.

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