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Lance Cardinal is a multi-disciplinary creative professional and proud member of the Treaty 8 Bigstone Cree Nation. His family roots stem deep from his small home community of Calling Lake, Alberta, Canada. 
Lance has over 2 decades of professional experience, traveling and living all over Canada as a multi award winning Set Designer, Sculptural Artist, Entertainment Director, Producer, Singer, Model Maker/Miniaturist, Concept Artist, Theme Park Designer, Choreographer, Teacher, Photographer, Event Coordinator/Facilitator and Cultural Healer.

He attended Victoria School for the Visual and Performing Arts (Musical Theatre/Art), Edmonton Musical Theatre School (Musical Theatre), MacEwen University (Theatre Arts), and Emily Carr University of Art + Design (Sculpture/Illustration).

At the age of 17, Lance began his professional career performing in the musical “Oliver!” at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta and continued to work as a performer in musicals for many years. In 1999 Lance went to L.A. to compete on the NBC hit reality Show, “Your Big Break!” featuring singers from all over Canada and the United Sates. Lance was one of only two Canadians picked from over 100,000 North Americans who auditioned.

In 2000, Lance moved to Vancouver to continue his career as an actor. He established his own production company, CARDINAL PRODUCTIONS, and in 2004 was asked to become Artistic Producer/Director for Ophidian Entertainment. Shortly after that, he also began his career as a professional award winning Set Designer, establishing CARDINAL PRODUCTIONS AND DESIGN, providing over 40 designs for musicals all over the Vancouver area. He received two Jessie Richardson Awards for Outstanding Set Design, and in 2007 was hired as a design intern for the Vancouver Opera’s new indigenous production of “The Magic Flute”.

In 2009, Lance returned briefly to Alberta, establishing and facilitating a new Music program for Bigstone Cree Nation’s Oski Pasikoniwew Kamik (O.P.K.) Elementary school in Desmarais, Alberta.  But his desire for the stage called him back...
In October of 2012, he began a 2-year professional Canadian tour as “Howard Wolowitz” in the musical stage adaptation of the hit TV show, “The Big Bang Theory”.

In 2014, Lance decided to “Give back” his knowledge to his hometown of Calling Lake, Alberta. He is currently in his 4th season (2017/18) as the founder and Creative Director of the Calling Lake Arts Academy, a multidisciplinary Indigenous Arts School for all ages. He also is The Fine Arts Coordinator for the MD of Opprtunity#17 and is responsible for Community Events, Interior Design, Event Promotions/Advertising, Public Space Planning, Cultural Documentation/archiving and Social Media Marketing.
Lance always has new and exciting projects on the go. He is currently working on a new original musical based on the “Idol No More” Indigenous rights movement, featuring the music of Buffy Sainte Marie. He has also had lots of interest in his miniature work, which has been featured in magazines, television and online articles. He is also a believer in cultural healing, acting as a co-founder/facilitator of the Calling Lake Blanket Exercise Group.

In 2018 Lance was invited to be the new morning show host at the CFWE Indigenous Radio Station in Edmonton, Alberta.

Lance’s goal is to inspire the world with new ideas, culture, Imagination and most of all...HOPE!

One of Lance’s mantras is:
“All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them”-Walt Disney.

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Anonymous said...

After seeing you perform in "The Big Boom Theory" at Celebrations Dinner Theatre in Winnipeg, I can see why you would be one of only two Canadians to make it on "Your Big Break"! You are an amazing singer, actor, and dancer, your performance in Big Boom showed that but you're also a very nice person! And your drawings, also incredible! Keep up the great work!!