Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Comments and Reviews

Lance cardinal’s passion for creativity and commitment to big ideas has caught the attention of many industry professionals. Here is what they have to say about his work:

          "I am...simply and utterly...blown away. Seriously...one of the most beautiful, most inspiring things I have ever seen anybody do…"
-Ken Lilly, on my miniature muppet theatre, Former VP of Product Development atPalisades Toys.

"Truly amazing! Soooo much love put into your projects. This is making the rounds to all Henson employees (past & present). You should be VERY proud of your work and we congratulate you!"
                   -Ed Christie, former NY Muppet Workshop VP/Manager

            “I believe Lance is going to have a brilliant career in the arts whether it is set designing, producing or performing on stage.”
   -Pat Waldron, Artistic Producer Ophidian Entertainment, Vancouver, BC

“Lance Cardinal’s production design is nursery school gorgeous. Design elements are consistently inspired.”
           -Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight Magazine, Vancouver  (Honk! Arts Club Theatre, Ophidian Entertainment)

“In many ways, Lance Cardinal’s set is the star!”        
-Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight magazine, Vancouver (The Wind in the Willows, Carousel Theatre)

“Lance Cardinal's set is a delight. It's a blue and green watery world where phantom trees and glowing fireplaces glide on and offstage.”
                           -Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier (The Wind in the Willows, carousel Theatre)

    "I was feeling a little jaded and disillusioned with life and then I stumbled across your blog...now I feel like I can do anything! Come on world is that all you've got! Thanks Lance - you've shown me there is still hope for us as a species xxx"

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