Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hey everyone. This post is about all about View-Master and their amazing Miniature worlds!! 
I have always been a HUGE fan of View-Master, especially the vintage 1960s, 1970s, 1980s View-Master reels. 
As a kid I wanted to be the person who made those small little sets and I think it began my obsession for anything small.
I remember looking at them as a kid and getting lost in the magical worlds of the Flintstones, Muppets, Charlie Brown and many other popular fairy tales and characters. 
I have been aquiring these reels as an adult, and I now can appreciate the amazing miniature work done to make these happen. 
I loved the miniature worlds created by the artists, as well as seeing cartoon characters potrayed in "Real Life 3D"! 
I love the style and detail work...amazing!!I wanted to share some of these AMAZING View-Master reels.
So I used a lamp and a regular digital camera. I lit the reel from behind and used my macrozoom to take the tiny pics at high resolution.
 Then I edited them on the computer to fix brightness, contrast, etc. 

I tried to retain the original "Kodachrome" coloring when I could. They are quite beautiful and rich.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy these reels and the artists who helped create these little minaiture worlds.



Josh Kenfield said...

These are incredible! Do you plan to do more post more high rez images of these? I would love to see the complete Flinstones set! Thank you for posting all of this.

Christopher Jones said...

Incredible work. And awesome of you to photograph all of them.

Christopher Jones said...

Incredible work. And incredible work by you - awesome photography. So very cool. Are you on Facebook?

Christopher Jones said...

Incredible work. And awesome of you to photograph all of them.

Eric Kurland said...

Did you happen to scan both the left and right views? I would love to see these in 3-D.

Melissa said...

I loved these miniature worlds so much as a little girl... and I still do! Thank you for capturing the magic that they brought to our lives and for preserving the art form :)

Senilie said...

Fantastic to see these stories again. Unfortunelately I did not see the value of my View-master and all the reels I had so I trow them away a long time ago. Please post more if you can!!!
Regards from Norway


Thanks for the positive feedback! Im so glad you guys love these as much as I do! I have posted all the reels I have right now, and let me tell you it was a painfully long process, lol. I do have higher resolution of some of them. If you are interested, messege me in my inbox at and I can send you what i have, The trouble is because I photographed them actual size, the resolution will not be as detailed as an actual scan.Thanks again guys, keep your imagination fed and see you again!

Mark said...

Lance, a HUGE THANK YOU for all of your hard work in capturing and preserving these reels - they are INCREDIBLE. So much beautiful design and attention to detail (easily forgotten and/or overlooked by the very nature of these miniature worlds) to be seen and appreciated! They are incredibly inspiring! So happy right now :)