Saturday, April 5, 2014


These watercolor paintings were done while I was still in high school. The content was based on things happening in my life at the time and reflected some of the trends in aboriginal art of the 90s.
Orloff Lake was a place my family and I went to for vacations. It was a hunting cabin by a remote lake and was only accessible by ATV. It was so beautiful and untouched. I have so many great memories of this place and I can see why I chose to paint about it. 

 Mother Earth was a painting I did based on my own mother, the traditional Mother Earth and the virgin mother Mary.

 Ice Fishing is a painting I did for my Grandpa Francis. We used to go out on the ice together in the winter to pull up a net full of fish.

"PRIDE" 1993
Pride is a very relevant and telltale sign of the times. This was created while I was in the prime of my sexual and spiritual identity exploration, figuring out what it menat to be a gay aboriginal teen living in northern alberta.

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