Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Wind in the Willows - Set Design

Wind in the Willows - Set Design by Lance Cardinal
This is a set design I did for Carousel Theatre's "Wind in the Willows" in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I was inspired by vaudeville stages / victorian shadow boxes. I really wanted to make the world of the wind in the willows a magical place. This design was nominated for a Jessie award in 2006. Enjoy the pics!
The clamshell light covers on the front really gave it a vaudeville feel.
You can see some of the aging details we did to make it seem antique.
The prescenium is all false, created at the scene shop. You can see my Muppet Show influence

This tree is double sided and on wheels. It has scrim on one side so it can be leafy or branchy.
You can see the tree looking branchy. The backdrop was also inspired by vaudeville drops.
Looks like the Muppet Thearte....I love gold and red.
Hand Painted detail and fake vines....

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C. Reed said...

I was searching native dwellings and happened across your talented! I want to share your blog with the many students I work with...thank you for your gifts!