Sunday, November 6, 2011


This is a concept I created for an ABORIGINAL THEME PARK, specifically focused on the first nations of British Columbia. It is a pen and ink illustration. I have included commentary explaining each area. The design is mine, but it was a conceptual collaboration with my partner Jeff Cox. I hope to post more them park concepts soon:) Enjoy the pics and commentary.
This is the entrance to the park area. The entrance resembles a west coast longhouse and totems line the shores.
This is the entrance corridor and MAIN HUB. You can see a giant welcome totem and a cliff  LOOKOUT POINT top right.
The view from the lookout is of the longhouse village and water.
When moving clockwise we explore many different regions of the aboriginal people of BC. First area is the "Cariboo Chilcotin Coast's" TIPI VILLAGE. Inside each tipi are re-creations of village life and traditions.
there are also PLAINS LONGHOUSES that will house DINNER SHOWS and RETAIL shops.
The next area is "Coastal Islands", and the biggest part of theis park, the COASTAL LONGHOUSE VILLAGE. All the different longhouses feature various northern coastal nations of BC, almost like mini museums. Behind the longhouses there will be carvers and artisans, encouraging people to try traditional tools and crafting.

The shores are open to explore, TOTEMS are from various nations of Coastal BC.

The central longhouse is an entrance to an indoor PERFROMANCE PAVILLION.  Inside, guests will experience a public gathering at night. Stars, trees, music and atmosphere. Various aboriginal events will be held here including Pow Wows, dance presentations and celebrations.
After leaving the longhouse village, the next area is the "Thompson Okanagan" PIT HOUSES. People can go inside, hear stories of this region and experience what it was like to live underground in BC's unforgiving desert.
Next area is the "Coastal Mountains"and includes a SHED VILLAGE and Mountain. It  includes the biggest artificial waterfall ever made. This section has 2 E-Ticket rides. The first one is inside the mountain. It is a  DARK RIDE called "Legends of the Coastal People". Guests crossover to the spirit world of the Coastal Mountain People, and experience the Bear, or the eagle or the salmon.

The second E Ticket ride is the RIVER CANOE ADVENTURE.

This is a fun RIVER ADVENTURE on a guided canoe that glides through all the beautiful sites of the waters of the park.

The canoes go through TUNNELS, float along the longhouse shore, observe WILDLIFE,
Maybe even a pod of Killer whales!
The journey ends with a TALLSHIP ENCOUNTER, re-creating what the aboriginal people of BC must have felt when they first encountered Europeans.

After you can cross the TRADITIONAL BRIDGE back to the hub or you can head to the TALLSHIP and explore it inside and out.

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hey lance of course you out did yourself with this one! That's so awesome, you should make sure these drawings are going to remain yours somehow. Soooooo...ohhhh talented, love from mom!!! see you in two sleeps.