Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hey there everyone. Just wanted to show you a little upgrade I did to one of my Nightmare Before Christmas sculptures. I really wanted to do the green slimey fountain liquid for the longest time, but I was not sure how to do it. I finally decided to use colored hot glue and it turned out great! Please enjoy the pics and behind the scenes commentary.

Here is the sculpture before adding slime

First I got a full pack of Hot Glue gun sticks and put it in a non stick pot at about 7 heat

I created the flow of slime on a glue stick by dripping it on. starting at the bottom.

Popsicle sticks are the best way to do it. disposable and sturdy.

Keep adding till you are happy with it. A wet finger can be used to shape it while its still hot.

Then I let the flow dry.

Looks like slimer from ghost busters was here.

I added green watercolor paint to the mix...just a bit at a time.This is very hot and very dangerous so be careful if you try this. No it does NOT stick to the pot permanently. be sure to always stir it, and if it starts to smoke, remove from element momentarily.

Then I glued it in....

Then I added a more translucent mix on top of that and filled the bottom by dumping right from the pot...very difficult.

Here is the bottom filled

I like the bubbles so i did not worry about popping them.

close up of slime. This can also be done to create a fake electric candle prop.

Finished Product
Thanks again for checking this out, hope you enjoyed the process:)

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