Sunday, March 13, 2011

Custom Palisades Muppet Show Backstage Playset!

OK everyone, this is another on of my favorite projects. It is a custom miniature Muppet Theatre Backstage Playset. This one is actually a kit bash (Alteration) of the Palisades Toy Muppet Show backstage Playset which I did not think was acurate enough.  I have added a bunch of cool new aspects to it! Check it out!!

All the miniature supplies purchased at Ross's Miniature Treasure House in North Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada
Here is the original Muppet Theatre Backstage Playset created by Palisades.

My version of the Muppet Show Backstage Playset, before details and lighting were done

I added height, and arches. Everything from the light piping UP is new.
I also completed the wall above Kermit's intercom, and added additional trim

The completed Playset, including real lighting and front cover

The arches are custom cut from illustration board
The added height allowed me to have a little fun in hanging props.
This post is actually bare wood in the show, so i didnt paint it. 
Sometimes its easier to hang props with putty and not pegs
Beauregard is always getting in the way!! He's just trying to help.
The shelves above kermits desk did not exist in the show, but I think it works.
Great place for a cat to sleep
Details and placement are as important as the design
Side view from on stage. I added a custom made ladder which is removable.
I added posters to cover up the wall. Then I aged it a bit.
Characters add life!

I believe this playset pays respect to the memory of the show and the quality of Palisades

Here is Both Playsets together including the scratch built Muppet Theatre Playset which is in the next blog.

Thank you again for checking out my work. I will be posting another blog where I show the whole process of building this playset. This has been a project of passion and another step towards my goals to work in the entertainment industry. Please check out the next blog where I will be revealing my scratch built Muppet Show Theatre Playset.

Click to view: MUPPET THEATRE Playset

Thanks, BYE!!


Alex Newborn said...

Amazing! Inspiring! Muppetational!

I just sent you an e-mail... this is like a dream come true.

Jakethy said...

I think you just broke my mind a little - thank you so much for sharing all your hard work. It's inspiring to me as both a muppet fan and as a person who works with his hands on labors of passion. Please continue to share!

Wulf said...

Wow! Your work is absolutely beautiful. As a prop builder I'm absolutely in awe of your talent. They make me want to see your real-size productions!

Kenneth Moraleda said...

What a brilliant tribute to an inspirational show. Fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing!!!
I was just thrown back 20 years. Now I have to find all the episodes so I can share them with my son when he is old enough.
I would buy this in a second.

Mixxie said...

this is amazing! I want to play with it! Thanks for sharing!

Zabeth69 said...

Absolutely fabulous work! I can't wait to see your construction sequence now!

Rebecca said...

AMAZING detail work!

Anonymous said...

Love this. I'm crying!

Tobias said...

that's brilliant

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