Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bye Bye Birdie -Musical Set Design/Production

The Telephone Number!! This rolling jungle gym was a metal fabrication by Jay Pynn.
 This was a show I designed for Footlight Theatre Company in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. It was a musical called "Bye Bye Birdie", set in the 50s, with an Elvis type character. I wanted to do a 1950s modern design and keep it fun and colorful! The set was constructed by Jeff Cox and Jay Pynn. I was lead painter. Please enjoy the pics!

I have also included some pictures of the set maquette (or Model) to compare.

This is the House set. Everything is on wheels.
The stove is made from wood! Everything had the dark lines for a 1950s cartoonist look.
House Set model

Office Set. This was fun to design. Desks are custom.
Office Scene Set Model

Maude's Roadside Tiki Bar Set. The centre wall panels are on wheels to slide in and out.

Maude's Tiki Bar Model
This is the Ice House Scene. Centre section is fully closed, and some wall squares open to be windows and doors.
Ice House model
Kims Bedroom unit. It was on wheels and was inspired by a giant diary. It opened like a book. wallpaper is hand painted.

Streets of Sweet Apple. Lights were amazing in person.
Cast warms up. This outer arch had colored lights behind all white areas. Looked amazing when lit.


Nick Hamilton said...

Awesome! Love the mondrian-esque arches and backdrops. I was in Bye-bye Birdie once and this blows our set out of the water!


Cool, Im glad you liked it!!

Tara Sullivan said...

Love your sets and want to try and accomplish something similar for a small high school production. Could you tell me what kid of material you used for the smaller pieces, like desks, fireplace, ect?