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Today I am VERY excited to share my 1" scale (1/12 scale) scratch built replica of the creepy house from the new 2017 Stephen King movie "IT".
 I really loved the film and thought the production design was amazing! As soon I saw this house in the film I KNEW I had to re-create it in miniature.
The entire thing was created from scratch, using pictures from the set that was built for the film in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
Here is the original set from the film "IT" that was built in Oshawa Ontario, Canada.
I did a lot of guessing on dimensions since the film isn't out yet on Blue Ray, but I think I got pretty close.  So many late-night hours and all my spare time, fueled by passion and my love for horror films! This miniature is 46"wide, 30"deep and 30"high! It includes light up interior and a full front yard and fences as seen in the film. Took me about 2 months to complete. Please enjoy these pics of the model as well as some "Behind the Scenes" at the end. Be sure to check out some my other models and miniatures as well! Enjoy!

This entire model is on a 1" dense Styrofoam base because it is lightweight and easy to add grass and posts. etc.

I decided to only do partial yard and minimal depth so it was easy for display.

I imagine this was the view the actors has when they came onto the set for the first time.

Inside the house there is a light glow created with strips of LED lighting. Cost and energy efficient as well as safe for paper structures.

The tree is a recreation of the custom tree made for the film. It is created from a wire base, paper and tape on top, then a air dry modeling compound over top.

The steps and porch are decaying and sagging into the earth. I was very difficult to create that tilted look when building.
The Victorian fencing is the only thing I had to order for the model, although it was very similar and needed very little alterations. The gate and posts however were created form leftover parts of the fence. The number 29 was made from elastic bands.
I used local vines from my yard to create the vines around the fence. Adding real elements really sells the scale.

The chain link fence is created from dollar store craft mesh. I coated it with latex paint for durability and flexibility. The posts are made from wooden dowels and wire wrapped in tape for a custom design.

This sign was a small print out from the set photos, glued to card stock and then hung with wire thread.

Here is my fingers to show you the scale lol.....sorry about my builders nails....

I added blended craft moss on the tree for aged effect

Creating wood in miniature is pretty difficult but rotted 100 yr old tree is even harder!

The tall grass in the yard was created from a $3 dollar store broom. I just cut off the bristles and glued then in. Turned out amazing!!

The sidewalk is made from grey craft foam paper then grouted with blended mosses. In the film the sidewalk is mostly covered, but I thought it should be showcased

The sunflowers are all built from scratch with paper, wire and an old plastic houseplant.

I did a white wash effect on the trim and porch for a weathered paint look

The steps were created with the droop in the middle for an old effect. The porch was created with dollhouse wood trims and dowels.

More of the vine work and moss. I glued all mosses in place to maintain the design in movement.

The leading is just markered onto the newspaper window covering for a stained glass effect.

More mosses and leaves. The dead vines are craft store vines..very inexpensive. The shingles are made from card stock.

The newspapers on the windows are the same in the film. I just printed old newspaper articles and then put packing tape on the front for durability and shimmer.

The gutters are made from large Bubble tea Straws cut in half and bent to look like Victorian gutters. Each leaf was hand cut and painted.

The Victorian finial is just card-stock and elastic bands.
Some of the window details

The roof line is very shallow, which is the same on the original set. Its a "Forced Perspective" effect when viewed from the ground (Camera view)

All the shutters were created from scrtach using card stock, wood and masking tape. The siding is made from pizza boxes!

The vines are a combo of real vines, craft store vines and painted wire.

The foundation rock work is just carved foam core and paint.

The downspouts are drinking bendy straws. Perfect as they are!!

I had to add the basement windows as seen in the film, but I decided to not cover them so light could come through.

The ground-cover is just craft store moss. The railing and circular balusters are hand cut out of matte board.

My roof overhang is a bit longer than the films.

These steps are so cool!

I just love the different textures and colors that interact with each other. A true testament to the film production design team!

There is an old piece of fence against the tree in the i put one here too :)

The gutters get a green weathered copper patina

This alcove is cool!

Thanks again for checking this out!! Keep reading to see how I made some of these cool elements!

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  Here is a "behind the scenes" tour through the making of the "IT" movie house scale replica. Enjoy!! 

It all starts with inspiration....




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Anonymous said...

Incredible job. Looks fantastic. Thanks for posting progress shots.

Captain Geezer said...

This caught my attention via cbc. I am absolutely amazed at the job you have done here. I worked on the original set we put up in oshawa Ontario last year. I almost can't tell the difference between your version and the full sized one we did! Hats off to you sir. there was probably over 100 people in all departments who created our set. you managed to build it by yourself.

Chris Williamson said...

Absolutely amazing work! Straight from the movie, makes me feel like I am there. Thank you for sharing.

Fallendays said...

Your miniatures are amazing! I loved the Muppet stage one as well that was my fave show as a kid! Keep up the great work!!

kukla said...

Your work is so wonderful and inspiring! Thank You for showing your talents.
Never stop creating!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lance.
This is an utterly amazing and detailed model. Probably the best model Ive seen.
Im currently in the process of making my own version but much smaller. I was just wondering where you got the newspaper prints for the windows? I'd love to use the same in mine.

Thanks Anthony